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Can You Dab RSO? Can You Put RSO In A Dab Pen?

Want to dab Rick Simpson Oil? Well, that’s one of the most robust ways to consume RSO.

When you dab RSO, you will experience it is after effect immediately. But when you consume it lingually or sublingually, then you have to wait for an hour.

But of course, the difference between lingual consumption and dabbing RSO is more significant than that. For example, you only consume it in quantity equal to half a grain of rice for lingual consumption. At that point, you are not consuming THC at a higher level.

However, you consume around 60-90% THC when you dab Rick Simpson Oil. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before dab RSO. If the concerned medical authority permits you to dab it, you must take preventive measures.

For example, do not put your hands near the dab nail if you use it to dab the Rick Simpson oil.

That’s because it gets extremely hot, and since you will be experiencing euphoria at a very high level, you may touch it if you are not warned from the get-go.

With all that being uttered right off the bat, let’s now start from the basics of dabbing Risk Simpson Oil without further ado.

What Is Dab Exactly?

Well, dab is a tiny amount of cannabis oil or resin. It can also be a small amount of another drug in a highly concentrated form which you can vaporize or burn.

What Is Dabbing In The Context Of RSO & Cannabis?

As mentioned earlier, Dabs are basically a tiny proportion but highly concentrated form of cannabis. Indeed, dabbing is a hot process. According to Leafly, a person can experience anywhere around 350°F to 400-600°F, depending upon how he chooses to dab.

Today, dabbing is one of the most popular ways people choose to medicate themselves using cannabis concentrates.

Now, the process of dabbing is not dangerous at all. However, extraction methods are what can make dabbing potentially dangerous. So, for example, Butane is a chemical contaminant with hazardous consequences. We have also covered a similar thing in our previous posts: some people are mixing brain-hurting chemicals with RSO that can lead to permanent brain damage.

So when it comes to dabbing RSO extraction, things remain under control. However, dabbing is a hot process and offers people more potent euphoria. So if you are starting out on dabbing, you really need to learn its basics.

RSO & CO2 Extractions For Dabbing

There are two ways that you can dab Rick Simpson Oil. You can dab it either through a dab rig – that is basically a filtration device developed to consume concentrates. Dab rigs provide a better flavor and experience than their pre-modern counterparts, such as a pipe.

On the other hand, people dab using an electronic rig. E-rig or electronic rig lets the user control the dab temperature. And as we discussed that it’s a hot process – e-rig can be a helpful option considering that context. Hence, using an e-rig for dabbing cannabis concentrates can be very useful, especially if they have high terpene levels.

Why Do People Dab RSO? What Are the Benefits Of Dabbing Rick Simpson Oil?

Stronger Euphoria

People dab at Rick Simpson Oil because it helps them feel higher levels of euphoria. It is mainly a desirable effect if a patient is going through a complicated medical condition and also has higher levels of Marijuana tolerance.

Now we know that it might be an exceptional case. Not highly exceptional, however.

The Taste

It is hard to consume medicines with a taste that repels you. But some medicines cannot be avoided. Sometimes, the complexity of the medical condition demands continuous consumption.

In that scenario, you need a medicine that has excellent taste. That’s how you can continue the consumption and treat yourself in a better way.

However, if you are trying to dab because it has excellent taste, we highly recommend that you consult a medical authority. Preferably, you should choose the one you visit. That’s because they are familiar with you and everything else that could potentially hurt your dabbing experience.

So if you have received the green signal from your doctor, you can try multiple concentrates. And if you want to identify the good ones, then here is what you should look for: A good concentrate will feel like its plant. So if you are dabbing a concentrate and its aroma and flavor feel just like its plant, you are dabbing a great concentrate!

A Healthier Option

Dabbing is a much healthier option for dabbing RSO to enjoy a more robust experience. Because resin, smoke, and other harmful elements can be easily eliminated through dabbing. But if you smoke Rick Simpson Oil (which is not a healthy option at all), you will be consuming all of the unwanted material (and more) that we mentioned before.

So by removing smoke from the scene, you will receive all the essential cannabinoids and terpenes (and other compounds).

Immediate Effect

We have been reminding our readers to avoid any activity that requires cognitive engagement once they have consumed the RSO, lingually or sublingually.

But the thing is that when RSO is consumed lingually or sub-lingually, the effects take an hour to occur.

So now you might ask, “well, what is the problem with that exactly?” So, you know that there are various complicated medical conditions. And even they have some stages that are very complicated.

So simply put, a complicated condition called Insomnia can get much more complicated when it gets worse.

Similarly, when such challenging conditions worsen, patients should go for options that allow RSO’s effect to occur immediately.

Dabbing Rick Simpson Oil allows you to experience its after-effects immediately. You don’t have to wait for an hour for RSO’s effect to occur like you have to when you consume it lingually or sublingually.

Precautions To Take Before Dabbing Rick Simpson Oil

It is essential to consider all the steps for safety when you are dabbing Rick Simpson Oil. That’s because dabbing is a potent way to consume RSO.

Since its effects will be immediate and it’s a hot process, ensuring all the safety precautions when dabbing RSO is also essential.

So, first of all, you should consider your personal THC levels. And again, for that, you will have to consult your doctor. They will evaluate your tolerance to Marijuana and inform you about your THC levels. But you might think, “why is that even important?”

Did you know that a cannabis plant only has 25-30% THC levels, which can cause enough intoxication? But when it comes to Dabbing Rick Simpson Oil, the concentrates can contain THC levels anywhere between 60 to 90% range. So, now you know why it is essential to stay careful around dabbing RSO.

Here’s what you can do: If you are new to dabbing, then, first of all, it is essential to know that a single hit of RSO dab has an effect equal to smoking two joints or at least one joint. It will just take one dab to feel two joints. That’s how strong dabbing is.

Using Legal Solvents

Solvents are one of the most important things to consider when dabbing. That is because there is no shortage of them in the market. The ones that you should be considered for use are the lab-tested ones.

Before buying a solvent for dabbing, ensure that it is approved in the legal market.

Lastly, stay very careful around dab nails. Those of you who are new to dabbing might not be aware of dabbing nails. These are used for vaporizing essential oils by heating them up, either through an electronic heater or a torch. Once heated up, the dab is put on the dab nail’s surface for consumption.

Now dab nails can get extraordinarily hot. So since you are beginning to dab and you will feel RSO’s effects pretty strongly, please remember that you SHOULD NOT touch the dab nail. It’s seriously hot.

Before You Leave…

Dabbing Rick Simpson Oil can be pretty risky, especially if you are starting out.

It is essential to learn the basics, THC levels, and what the consumption will feel like. And even after learning all that, it is essential to have a dabbing expert (it will possibly be your friend, ofc) to sit by your side. Trust us; their supervision is very crucial.

Plus, here is a critical thing to consider first and foremost. Do not dive into it headfirst if you are like most people who have heard or read about dabbing RSO over the internet.

Instead, consider talking to your doctor first. Since they are not only an authority on the subject, they are also familiar with you.

That level of awareness will be beneficial to let you know whether you can consume THC at the levels that dabbing provides. Plus, can your body handle Marijuana? Knowing answers to all of those questions cannot only save your life but will also ensure safe and appropriate consumption.





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