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Can You Take RSO Recreationally? Discussing RSO Uses, Cancer, Dosage Cycle, And Research

RSO has gained a considerable cult-like in last few years. From being banned all across the United States to being considered a beacon of hope after the standard treatments fail, its fans have seen it all.

But you might be wondering why it is banned even for medical use? Well, your question actually has two parts. Let’s address the first one first, why is it banned? Well, it is banned because it has high THC levels. And THC is the main driving component that causes the intoxicating effects that Marijuana has.

Secondly, it is banned for medical use as well, which is really something that needs to be reconsidered. That’s because, on one hand, there are studies that indicate that RSO is effective in beating cancer and other complicated medical conditions.

On the other hand, a study points out that RSO increased the production of particular brain and cancer cells.

So what we can certainly say is that it’s a developing field, and with continual research, we will be able to reach a rational conclusion. But certainly, it will take time.

What Is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis product. Like other cannabis products, RSO has its advantages and disadvantages.

RSO was developed by Rick Simpson, a Canadian Man trying to fight off Skin Cancer. And when all the standard medical treatment failed to help him, he chose to develop oil.

In his quest to beat cancerous spots, he developed a cannabis oil and saw astounding results after topical application of the self-made product. Then, he went on to test its effectiveness on multiple patients, which was genuinely considerable.

From then on, people started to apply Rick Simpson Oil topically and consumed it lingually.

Today, RSO is consumed in three ways: Topically, lingual, and Sub-lingually.

It has been a subject of controversy across the United States because it remains illegal in most parts of America. You can consume it in other parts of the country to treat medical conditions. But even then, you should never do it on your own. Instead, consider taking medical advice and ask your doctor to evaluate you in terms of Marijuana tolerance.

The main reason it has remained illegal throughout the United States is that it has higher THC levels. THR or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the component mainly responsible for the intoxicating effects of Rick Simpson Oil. Hence, you cannot consume RSO and take on technical tasks simultaneously.

That is why RSO consumers are strongly recommended to avoid performing cognitive tasks after the consumption of RSO. Usually, the oil’s effect takes about an hour to kick in.

What Is RSO Used For?

Rick Simpson Oil is typically used to treat challenging medical conditions.

RSO was initially introduced as a product that cleans the cancerous spots on the skin. Hence, RSO sits at the top of the list as a treatment for cancer. However, evaluating RSO and its effectiveness in domains like cancer and liver health is in progress. Hence, it is highly recommended that you act smart and consult a medical authority (preferably the one familiar with you) to guide you on the subject.

Other than using RSO to treat cancer, the oil is also being used to treat many other issues. For example, people who have Insomnia may be recommended to use Rick Simpson Oil to improve their condition. That’s because the oil has high THC levels, which cause higher intoxicating effects. Hence, consumers are not able to engage in cognitive activities after consumption.

In addition to treating cancer, cancerous spots, and Insomnia, RSO is also used to treat depression, asthma, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and depression.

Is Rick Simpson Oil An Effective Treatment For Cancer?

As we mentioned earlier, Risk Simpson Oil was popularized as a robust treatment to treat cancerous spots on the skin. Then further consumption of the oil led to the exploration of other benefits of consuming RSO.

In the article Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): Benefits, Effect, and Research by The Street, they cite a study conducted in 2014 by the American Association For Cancer Research. The study indicates that THC and CBD were effective when coupled with conventional cancer treatments.

What Does Research Say About Consuming Rick Simpson Oil?

An Article by WebMD explores the effectiveness of RSO in treating cancer.

All cannabis oils that contain Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC certainly help in controlling nausea and vomiting. So, it may be used by those undergoing chemotherapy. In addition to that, RSO is also proven to enhance appetite and treat pain.

However, the research does not indicate an effective countermeasure for treating cancer.

In addition to WebMD’s article and 2014’s study conducted by the American Association For Cancer Research, we also have a 14-year-old girl’s case report from 2013. She had Leukemia. She was given hemp oil that her family developed with the assistance of Rick Simpon himself.

It was a cannabinoid resin extract that was effectively reducing her cancer. However, she died from a gastrointestinal condition two months down the road.

On the contrary – an article “Can Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?” by Healthline cited the study that shows that THC raised the growth rate of particular lung and brain cancer cells.

The sheer amount of contradiction found in studies regarding RSO’s effectiveness against cancer leads us to conclude that it’s too early to make strong claims. The safest way to consume Rick Simpson Oil is to consult a medical authority beforehand.

How To Consume Rick Simpson Oil Recreationally?

Many questions and concerns need to be addressed before the consumption of RSO. It’s crucial because uninformed consumption may lead to overdose or unwanted outcomes. And in that case, the product itself is not to be blamed.

So as a consumer, you should be aware of the appropriate dosage and consumption protocols.

But before we begin discussing the general criteria for consumption, it is best to remind you that you should consult a doctor. They will evaluate you with regards to Marijuana tolerance and a set of other relevant and crucial factors that will play their role during the consumption cycle.

That being said, let’s discuss the consumption cycle that is usually recommended and followed.

Week 1:

Rick Simpson himself advises beginning RSO consumption at a very small scale. So it makes up about three doses as small as half the size of a rice grain or 1/4th a drop of RSO. Each drop will be taken at 8 hours.

So with that time difference and given that you will have three doses a day, you will take your first dose of SO in the morning, the second dose will be taken at noon, and the third dose will be taken at night.

So after the first week is over, it’s time to increase your RSO consumption. However, not everyone will be in a position to increase their consumption of RSO after the very first week. So for some, it can take, let’s say, around 3 – 4 weeks. So it’s all about tolerance to Marijuana and other crucial factors that need to be evaluated by your doctor before you consider consuming RSO.

Five To Twelve Weeks

At this stage, you will be consuming around a gram of Rick Simpson Oil every day until you hit the 60-gram mark.

Please note that any doze shall not exceed the size of a rice grain. And the size shall be considered for every doze consumed.

Over To You

The astounding level of popularity gained by Rick Simpson Oil in the news and all over the internet has been truly astounding. All the noise around the subject was so powerful that it had spiked the interest of medical experts and health professionals, compelling them to take a deep dive and conduct thorough research.

As far as the news goes, we will continue to receive it. Some will point out the effectiveness and a growing number of advantages of RSO consumption.

On the other hand, some may prompt users to stay away because a study highlights its harms and indicates that its consumption may lead to adverse effects.

When all of this happens, you need to remember one thing: This is a developing field.

So, many facts and things will not be clear right off the bat. Researchers will keep looking into the subject. Hence, don’t get over-excited when you hear that RSO has been proven effective in another significant study. Also, don’t get too depressed when you hear that a study points out that RSO consumption is causing more harm than good.

And as far as its consumption is concerned, you need to stay careful.

Since it’s a developing field, a lot of facts need to be reassessed, and further studies need to be performed.

So in this scenario, you can play your role ideally by consulting your doctor. That’s because they will consider all the contradictions in the research area and give you a prescription according to your evaluation.





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