Cannabis Chronic Kidney Disease

A Review Of Cannabis In Chronic Kidney Disease Symptom

Chronic Kidney Disease is a tough spot for medical health professionals and patients.

In order to treat CKD, there is a lot that your doctor would recommend, such as consuming a low protein diet and consuming more vitamins among the wide range of numerous treatment methods and supplements.

But, what you won’t hear them recommend is consuming Cannabis Oil or other Cannabinoid products. However, that is just because of the lack of data that indicates Cannabinoids as a reliable treatment to tackle challenging conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease.

Medical experts such as Norah Terrault, MPH, MD, Director of Viral Hepatitis Center at the University of California San Fransisco, states that it’s an active area of research.

That only means that there is a lot that we have to learn about the benefits and risks of Cannabinoids and their effects on kidneys, liver, and other crucial organs.

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease?

Chronic Kidney Disease is a challenging health condition that ultimately leads to renal failure. That is an inevitable outcome of kidney disease because the organ stops filtering waste. Consequently, waste starts to build up. Sometimes, symptoms do not appear, just how asymptomatic individuals with the virus show no signs or symptoms. In such cases, Chronic Kidney Disease in an individual is discovered through lab tests.

What Is Renal Failure?

Renal failure is also known as kidney failure. It is when the kidney fails to remove the waste. Plus, kidneys are unable to balance fluids as well.

A study found that patients treated with nonsynthetic cannabinoids were 43% to 300% likely to report a reduction in their chronic neuropathic pain that was greater than or equal to 30%. However, these patients were not suffering from renal impairment. Which means their kidney was functioning.

Does CBD Help Kidneys?

CBD can help improve your condition by tackling the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. However, Cannabis Oil has not been proven to impact the disease itself. Hence, it is essential to note that consuming CBD to treat CKD symptoms should not come without your doctor’s advice.

Norah Terrault states that we don’t have enough data at our disposal to talk about the risks and benefits of consuming Cannabinoid products. Hence, she prefers to treat it like any other herb. And upon the patient’s insistence to use Cannabinoid products, she advises them not to consume it daily, only if they are going to consume it.

Over To You…

Are you suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease? Do you find yourself ready to consume the latest and greatest thing you found on the internet?

Well, not so fast. Please consult your doctor first and learn about its benefits and risks.

We keep promoting the idea that you should always consult your doctor before consuming Cannabinoid products because it’s not always clear what the outcome is going to be.

The broad array of studies published online by authentic sources indicates different results. Plus, medical health professionals are not too definite regarding the consumption of cannabinoid products.

So, if you conduct thorough research, there is one more thing that you will come across, and that is the effects of Cannabinoid products vary too.

Hence, consulting your doctor beforehand is the most logical and safe way to begin consuming Rick Simpson Oil, CBD Oil, or any other Cannabinoid product.

Your doctor already knows about the controversy surrounding these products’ consumption. All he will do is examine your health and evaluate the appropriate dosage.





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