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Rick Simpson Oil Treats Prostate Cancer (Informative Testimonial)

Jerry, age 75, refuses chemotherapy and successfully drops his PSA readings from 650 to 0.2 with the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol.

 Here’s his story.

Jerry is 75 years old from Oregon. He was having difficulty with intimacy and with urinating, but he chalked it up to old age. But on one difficult day, he finally visited the ER where he was catheterized and diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After some testing, the urologist emphasized that, without chemotherapy, the cancer would advance. Jerry met with an oncologist who discussed the drug Taxotere that would be used in the chemo, as well as the drug’s side effects. But Jerry was not satisfied, and he was not ready to commit to such a severe option. He knew he needed to get a second opinion.

So Jerry did some research on Taxotere and was horrified by the results.

The side effects included tiredness, hair and fingernail loss, nausea and vomiting, pain, and loss of appetite. Along with the horrible effects, Jerry knew that the cancer could easily come back after chemo.

“I didn’t like what I heard, and I didn’t think I would survive the program. What would happen during flu season?”

When he refused chemo and suggested some alternative options, the neurologist covered his ears and said, “I don’t want to hear about it”. But Jerry’s wife had heard about all of the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil through a friend years ago, and he decided to give it a shot. It has been 10 months since he began taking RSO in suppository form, which he prefers to the oil because it offers a fuller benefit.

In the last 10 months of taking RSO, his PSA readings have been drastically reduced.

The results have been dramatic. Jerry’s first PSA reading was 650, within 3 months of using RSO it dropped to 3.0…10 months later, it now reads 0.2. He is now un-catheterized, his energy levels are up, and, at 75 years old, he is jogging and working on his own cabin. He continues to visit his doctors who are confused by the results.

After 2 months of the RSO protocol, Jerry was able to cut down to 1 dose every 2 days, and he has had no negative side effects.

“I have no trouble – day, night, or anytime.”

But most importantly, he is able to enjoy his days, and even look ahead into the future. He never imagined he would live to see 80 years old, and today that is a possibility. For Jerry, the choice to forgo chemotherapy was undeniably the best decision he has made.

“I don’t have to wear a bag – what is the price of that?”

The cancer does not control his life anymore, and he has gone from hopeless to hopeful.

Jerry will continue to follow the RSO cancer protocol, but he hopes that with time he will need it less and less. His experience has been successful up to this date, and he recommends that other cancer patients investigate all of their options.

“To anyone in a similar situation, I would stay proactive and explore the RSO option.”

Jerry refused to listen when his doctors only offered one option. Tired of suffering, and confused about the advice given by his doctors, he took his health into his own hands. His story shows that the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil for cancer patients at any age, and any stage of their illness. RSO has helped him return to a normal life, surrounded by the people and the activities that he loves most.

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*Disclaimer the results of this patient does not guarantee you will have the same outcome, results will vary.

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