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7-Year Old Girl Uses Medical Marijuana in Cancer Treatment

In July 2012, the seven-year-old Mykayla Comstock and her family were devastated with her receiving a diagnosis of an incredibly aggressive form of Leukemia, formally known as “Lymphoblastic Leukemia.”

Mykaylas parents immediately got her into a regimen of chemotherapy, but they decided to turn down brain radiation to opt for something a little bit more unorthodox. Instead of radiation therapy, Erin Purchase, Mykayla’s mother, immediately knew that it would be a good idea to enroll her daughter in the Oregon Medical Marijuana program. There Mykayla would have the opportunity to treat her cancer with a lime-flavored cannabis capsule filled with Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO for short), a high THC cannabis extract that’s been gaining traction in recent years as a popular alternative treatment.

Finding Another Way Out

Mykayla’s sickness initially arose during the Month of May. She began coughing, had a severe rash, and constant night sweats. And by mid-July, doctors were certain of her cancer after finding a tumorous mass in her chest. However, despite the relatively early discovery, Mykayla didn’t respond well to the usual range of cancer treatments. And things nearly escalated as far as her almost receiving a bone marrow transplant.

With little to no progress in Mykayla’s treatment, her mother knew that she needed answers – and this is what led her to consider medicinal cannabis as a potential option. The first doctor that Erin had spoken to about it was completely against the idea. And after several arguments and more than enough back and forth – the family simply lost their confidence and knew that this doctor would not make their daughter better.

After discussing marijuana as an alternative to the other available cancer treatments with several other doctors, they found a new doctor that was open to the idea. “This is our daughter,” Purchase said. “If they don’t agree with our personal choices, we’d rather they not say anything at all.” Thankfully, the new doctor they’d found was a perfect fit for their situation!

Erin was lucky to have read an article months prior to Mykaylas diagnosis about a boy with cancer who had received cannabis oil for over two years because his parents believed it was the only thing keeping him alive. The family in the article had broken Montana’s laws just to keep their son alive. Upon reading the article, Erin knew it’s what she’d to do if any of her kids fell ill, and cannabis extracts were now on her short-list of alternative treatment options.

Mykayla’s Hasty Recovery

In the state of Oregon, it’s legal for a parent to enroll their children in the state medical marijuana program, given that their legal guardian takes responsibility for any risks that may be involved.

At the time, there were 57 other children between the ages of 4 and 17 enrolled in the program. The list of conditions these kids had to deal with was incredibly saddening. It ranged from extreme pain, nausea, and muscle spasms, to seizures and even cancer.

Between the months of July and August, Mykaylas cannabis oil medication arrived. And within only a few short days of beginning her treatment, her cancer was nearly in complete remission! The RSO immediately went to work in combination with the chemotherapy Mykayla had already been enduring.

Images documented by Vice News and Ricki Lake can be found online of brave Mykayla laughing, dancing, and playing during her recovery. There was an immediate reaction from the public after seeing a young child still bald from her chemotherapy, enjoying a happy life after such hardship.

A Triumph Over Cancer

Today, Mykayla is 15 years old and enjoys a very healthy, entirely cancer-free life. She’s still undergoing maintenance treatment, and because of Rick Simpson Oil, she has a lower risk of relapse and less residual effects of chemotherapy than other children with the same diagnosis would typically have.

Mykayla now enjoys being an inspiration to others. She was recently even given the opportunity to get up on stage and publicly share her survival story. “Kids are on Google, and they search up names,” Mykayla says “They’re gonna find out I used cannabis and they’ll come up to me and be like, ‘What the heck!?’”

It’s 2020, and to this day – Mykayla’s family still strives to help and inspire everyone that they can with her story of beating cancer with medical marijuana.

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