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RSO In Belly Button

RSO In Belly Button: Does Applying Oil In Belly Button Really Help?

The practice of applying different types of oils and other liquids to belly buttons to cure ailments and diseases has been around for thousands of years. But this practice has recently made its way to the media limelight; why? Well, the straight-forward to that would be people’s curiosity. However, just because it is mostly clickbait […]


Rick Simpson Oil May Be The Solution For Your Asthma

If you have Asthma or know someone who does,  you may be well aware of its severe symptoms. Asthmatic symptoms include chronic cough,  shortness of breath, and chest pain. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects almost 339 million people globally. Today we’re going to tell you a solution for all the asthma-related problems you […]

Does Rick Simpson Oil Helps With A Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Does Rick Simpson Oil Helps With A Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

It has been established for centuries that marijuana has a lot of health benefits apart from its notorious reputation. Cannabis contains over 70 active substances called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids act on our body’s natural endocannabinoid system and help regulate our immune system. Rick Simpson Oil And Its Benefits Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is an oil […]

Difference Between Distillate And RSO

Understanding The Difference Between Distillate And RSO

Cannabis has almost become part of our daily discussions whether we are talking about Cannabinoid Oil (CBD), Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or Distillates. Now, distilled cannabis oil extracts undergo a complicated process that eliminates the major cannabis compounds. So, the final distilled cannabis oil extract contains 98% cannabinoid content, greater than 60-80% cannabinoid content found […]

Best Strains For making rso oil

The 8 Best Strains For Making Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is not something complicated to make. Instead, it’s simple. Moreover, Rick Simpson, the Canadian man who came up with the idea, doesn’t sell his oil. He doesn’t have a factory that produces it or a company that markets the idea. He encourages people to make it on their own. However, it is […]

How To Dilute RSO Oil?

How To Dilute RSO Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil is an unrefined cannabis oil that has considerable psychoactive effects. And if not consumed safely, it can cause serious problems. That can especially happen with newbies due to the lack of information at their disposal. For example, a newbie might underestimate RSO’s potential and put a few drops over their tongue. Now, […]

Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

In the world of Marijuana, it can get complicated for people to cope with all the necessary details. So, we will try to sound as simple as we can. However, there will be some fancy terms as we attempt to explain how CBD lowers your blood pressure. However, you don’t need to get your high […]

Cannabis Compounds prevent the COVID and its new Variants from entering the body

Study: Cannabis compounds prevent COVID invading the body

Researchers at Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University found through a study that Cannabis prevents Corona Virus. This study was just published a week ago, highlighting all the benefits of Cannabis against the Corona Virus. CBGA and CBDA CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) and CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid) are the compounds that are present in […]

What Are Cannabis Concentrates

What Are Cannabis Concentrates, Oils, And Extracts?

Extracts of cannabis refer to a wide range of products that are rich in cannabinoids but at higher concentrations than the cannabis plant naturally contains. The chemicals found in cannabis that have mind-altering effects on your body are known as cannabinoids. A person feels euphoric and intoxicated (or high) when they consume THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Cannabidiol […]

Rick Simpson Oil and Edibles

Rick Simpson Oil And Edibles

The Rick Simpson Oil contains high levels of THC, which makes it popular concentrated cannabis oil. The oil was named after Rick Simpson, its creator. He was a Canadian cannabis activist who had a cancer diagnosis in 2003 and used the oil to treat the condition. Since having been treated for skin cancer, Rick has […]

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