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How To Dilute RSO Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil is an unrefined cannabis oil that has considerable psychoactive effects.

And if not consumed safely, it can cause serious problems. That can especially happen with newbies due to the lack of information at their disposal.

For example, a newbie might underestimate RSO’s potential and put a few drops over their tongue. Now, what do you think will happen if a newbie consumes 3 to 4 drops the first time.

Well, things are going to take a wrong turn, of course.

Hence, do not forget to talk to a medical expert and consume as prescribed.

That being said, let’s discuss how to dilute Rick Simpson Oil, and is it even worth it?

How To Dilute Rick Simpson Oil?

Due to its thickness, it can be challenging for people to deal with the oil in its original state. Consumers who use RSO to make edibles find dealing with the oil-containing syringes challenging.

What happens is that the thickness of the oil doesn’t let a consumer take out the oil quickly.

However, you are not out of options as there are multiple ways to dilute Rick Simpson Oil. If you want to dilute your RSO, then here’s something that you can try:

Take a container and put RSO-containing syringes into the container. Then, place the edible oil bottle in that container as well.

Then, please fill the container with hot water and leave it for around 10 seconds.

Hot water will loosen up the oil’s thickness, and you will be able to deal with its thickness in a much easier manner.

Once that happens, you can mix it up with the edible oil of your choice and enjoy the versatility of RSO consumption.

The Basics Of Consuming Rick Simpson Oil

When consuming Rick Simpson Oil, it is essential to take care of the basics.

That helps you safely consume the appropriate amount, thus reducing the potential risks attached to Rick Simpon Oil’s consumption.

So, first of all, get yourself checked for tolerance towards Marijuana. If the doctor tells you that it is safe for you to consume Rick Simpson Oil to treat your medical conditions, then go ahead!

As you keep consuming RSO, your body will develop tolerance towards it. Hence, your need for RSO consumption will increase every week.

Also, it would be best if you kept RSO’s psychoactive effects in consideration. These effects begin to appear within one hour of consumption. So ensure that you are not engaging in a cognitively engaging task such as driving, riding, or operating machines.

These are some basics that you need to consider before consuming Rick Simpson Oil.


Rick Simpson Oil is becoming one of the favorite medical treatments of all time.

People with various medical conditions are using it in different ways and manners, including mixing it with foods and making edibles.

However, RSO has a strong taste, and it’s too thick to be directly consumed. Hence, we do understand the need to dilute Rick Simpson Oil.

There are many tricks and hacks that you can try to dilute the oil. If you have a recipe different from the one we mentioned, then be sure to tell us!





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