RSO In Belly Button

RSO In Belly Button: Does Applying Oil In Belly Button Really Help?

The practice of applying different types of oils and other liquids to belly buttons to cure ailments and diseases has been around for thousands of years.

But this practice has recently made its way to the media limelight; why? Well, the straight-forward to that would be people’s curiosity.

However, just because it is mostly clickbait news, All of this fuss about RSO in the belly button might not make sense to you. Let’s break it down and know more about it before you make any move.

What Is The Belly Button Oiling Method?

This procedure has been mostly practiced in South and East Asian cultures; traces of this method can be found in the ancient Indian and Chinese empires.

Instead of taking your medicines through your mouth (eating or drinking), you take them through your belly button, literally.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is derived from plants and generally has all of that plant’s nutrients in it. The advocates of navel oiling procedures make many claims regarding these RSO applications.

Now, you may be thinking, why the belly button? Why not anywhere else? There is a reason behind that, too. They say: “The most important point in the human body is the navel .”

The belly button is of paramount importance to the human body even before birth. The mother’s umbilical cord is where the baby gets most of its nutrition

This scientific evidence proves that not only does the belly button help the baby before birth but after, too. Therefore, the advocates claim that the cannabis oil application to the belly button is one of the most effective ways of curing many diseases.

Does Putting Oil In Your Belly Button Really Work?

Oiling the belly button is one of the most common and famous practices in South Asia, especially India, and many people claim it to be medically helpful.

However, even after conducting a lot of research, scientists haven’t discovered anything regarding its medical benefits yet.

There’s no evidence that the Pechoti glands absorb RSO, CBD, or any other liquids via one’s belly button. 

From Where Did This Tradition Come To Be?

These methods of RSO or other cannabis oils in the belly button find their roots in ancient South Asia (mostly India). 

Most of these procedures are known as “Ayurvedic methods,” which are claimed to be scientific but, in reality, are not.

The primary knowledge and recipe sources of these cannabis medicines are the prehistoric scriptures and writings of the Hindu (Indian) culture. 

Moreover, these Ayurvedic medicines, which mostly do not have any scientific backing, are made of plant materials, mostly, and sometimes, other nutrients and minerals are also added from different sources. 

These Ayurvedic scriptures and writings state that a person can put several different organic liquid compounds (RSO, CBD oil, or other cannabis oils) in their belly buttons, which will have quite positive effects. 

Fun Fact: In the old Hindu writings, there’s also proof of the Lord Brahma (a Hindu God) coming out of the belly button of Lord Vishnu (a Hindu God). 

Because of these traditions, there’s a huge percentage of people in today’s India and Nepal who adhere to these principles.

They believe that by applying certain organic oils to their navels, they are killing the nib in its bud (stopping an ailment before it develops into something dangerous).

What’s The Deal With Pechoti Method?

The Pechoti Glands are among the top reasons why many people still believe in the health benefits of essential oil application in navels (belly buttons). 

Actually, many of them refer to this practice as the “Pechoti Method,” claiming these oil applications have a huge connection with the Pechoti Glands and the well-being of a person.

According to a study, more than 72,000 veins and millions of nerves are linked to a human’s belly button, and one simply can’t ignore that many nerves if it’s a matter of health.

That being said, the practitioners argue that by applying several organic oils, one is relaxing thousands of body veins; however, there’s yet to be a scientific study about that.

But we simply can’t rule out all the benefits of these procedures based on these facts. In simpler words, considering them completely false is the same as considering them completely true. In fact, Pechoti methods are pseudoscientific.

And if you think about it, what can RSO or any other cannabis oil in your navel do to you? Something you would not expect, I’d say.

Because despite everything mentioned above, cannabis oil application in the belly button does have some benefits.

First of all, remember that applying RSO to the belly button or any other cannabis oil doesn’t pose any risk to your health. Be sure not to overdo it, though. What’s the process, then? Let’s see.

How To Try The Pechoti Procedure?

The Pechoti method is no rocket science. It is a pretty simple one. You just need to put in some drops of RSO on the belly button or any essential organic oil you deem fit.

Be sure to check which cannabis oil you are using. The oil is then absorbed in the belly button by the receptive glands called the cannabinoids.

This procedure has many health benefits, such as belly button (navel) cleanliness, infection prevention, upset stomach treatment, etc. Oil application in the navel also helps with swelling, irritation, and other healings.

Surprisingly, even after having no solid scientific backing and being considered “pseudoscientific,” many people have considered this Pechoti procedure to be the reason for their good health.

In an interview, Dr. Lakisha Jenkins said that there might be a possibility that many ailments and conditions can be healed through the navel.

She further said that there are many minor ailments in our bodies that pose a real threat to humans on earth.

Furthermore, these organic oils are free of any intoxications, which means that you can go to your work, party, college, etc., after applying them, and you’ll be fine.

The Truth About Pechoti Method:

So, even after all the religious beliefs, scriptures, and writings, it remains pseudoscientific unless solid supporting evidence comes to light.

As of now, no scientific evidence indeed supports the Pechoti method. In a 2014 research regarding these methods, and even after doing 7,000 studies, only one piece of evidence was found supporting the Pechoti method, which wasn’t even a solid one.

Without scientific evidence, people find it hard to trust these procedures because most of them are based on ancient scriptures and writings, which many consider “outdated.” 

At the same time, there isn’t any proof either that putting a drop or drops of cannabis oil has resulted in medical conditions. It is safe to do so, though (benefits mentioned above).

There is yet to be thorough research conducted on these methods, and it is premature to give any verdict on this matter currently.

However, you can apply some RSO in your belly button or other cannabis oil; it is completely safe to try. 


What Are The Benefits Of Putting Oil In The Belly Button?

Using oils in your belly button cleans your blood to some extent, relaxes your veins, and helps in healing, swelling, and irritations.

Does RSO Work Instantly?

RSO takes around one to two hours to start working, and its effect stays for around 5 to 6 hours. That means you’ll have to apply it to your navel at least two times a day, or three to four times, ideally.

Is Oiling Your Belly Button Safe To Try With RSO?

Yes. It is safe to try oiling your belly button with RSO. A few of its drops at first would be enough. RSO is enriched with almost all the nutrients of the plant it’s derived from.

Final Thoughts:

I think if you have thoroughly read everything I said above (with citations for verifications), you don’t need any final thoughts. However, remember that applying too much cannabis oil to your belly button may cause pain. If you plan to do it, a few drops will do the job. 





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