Difference Between Distillate And RSO

Understanding The Difference Between Distillate And RSO

Cannabis has almost become part of our daily discussions whether we are talking about Cannabinoid Oil (CBD), Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or Distillates.

Now, distilled cannabis oil extracts undergo a complicated process that eliminates the major cannabis compounds.

So, the final distilled cannabis oil extract contains 98% cannabinoid content, greater than 60-80% cannabinoid content found in the undistilled extracts.

However, people who want to reap all the well-marketed benefits of cannabis consumption prefer consuming Rick Simpson Oil.

Are we going so fast? Don’t worry. Let’s start from the basics and have a little discussion about distillates from scratch.

What Are Distillates? What Is A Distilled Cannabis Oil Extract? Defining Distillates.

The distillate is a process that removes substantial compounds from Cannabis.

The purpose is to customize the distilled extract.

Now let’s discuss how it all happens.

Cannabis has a multitude of compounds, just like a dish has multiple ingredients. Now, just like a dish, every ingredient used in the making process plays its role in the taste and the overall nutritional value of the dish itself.

Similarly, each compound of Cannabis plays its role in the taste, odor, and color.

Now, Flavonoids and cannabinoids are some of the compounds found in Cannabis.

So, distillation removes these compounds from Cannabis and creates a highly refined extract. At this point, only one cannabinoid remains in its form. Other than that, all the compounds that contribute to the Cannabis taste are eliminated through the distillation process.

Hence, at last, what remains is the extract that’s odorless, translucent, and flavorless.

That means that distillates are oil. But only more potent than the oil itself.

Why? That’s because undistilled cannabis oil extracts measure around 60% to 80% cannabinoid content. On the other hand, distilled cannabis oil extracts contain about 98% cannabinoid content.

If you are wondering where the distilled content is found, then take a look at vape cartridges.

Yes, distilled cannabis oil extracts are part of various cannabis products, including topical products and edibles in addition to vape cartridges.

The Major Difference Between Distillates And RSO

Rick Simpson Oil and Distillates share some grounds of commonality.

However, both of these products are way too different.

First of all, Rick Simpson Oil is considered a whole plant extract. That’s because it has all the major cannabis components intact.

On the other hand, distilled cannabis oil extract undergoes a process that eliminates most of those compounds to take control of the final product, just as we discussed earlier.

All the benefits people usually talk about to support cannabis consumption are reaped through the wholesome oil extract, Rick Simpson Oil, and not the distilled version.

But, those inclined towards the originality of Cannabis and its taste love to prefer the distillates. It is also true that distillation does cause Cannabis to lose its acclaimed benefits.

So, it all comes down to you. Which one are you going to choose? And before you answer that question, be sure to consult a medical professional.

They consider every detail relevant and directly related to cannabis consumption, including your physical characteristics and tolerance to Marijuana consumption.


Distillation is the process that is used to eliminate substantial compounds from Cannabis.

It is done to ‘customize’ the product, so to say. The product remains versatile. However, it loses the benefits that are usually accredited to cannabis consumption.

On the other hand, Rick Simpson Oil is a whole plant extract, which means that it contains all the necessary compounds of Cannabis.

It is also important to note that there are some common grounds between the two.

But besides that, Rick Simpson Oil and Distillates differ widely.





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