Best Strains For making rso oil

The 8 Best Strains For Making Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is not something complicated to make. Instead, it’s simple.

Moreover, Rick Simpson, the Canadian man who came up with the idea, doesn’t sell his oil. He doesn’t have a factory that produces it or a company that markets the idea.

He encourages people to make it on their own.

However, it is always essential to consult a medical health professional before consuming RSO. Consume as per the prescription.

That being said, let’s move towards discussing the strains that you can use to make Rick Simpson Oil and reap more medicinal benefits after that.

8 Best Strains To Use While Making Rick Simpson Oil

1. Platinum OG

Platinum OG is one of the most potent strains in the world. Let us tell you why.

First of all, there are hardly any strains containing more than 20% THC.

Wait, What? What is THC?

Okay, so THC means Tetrahydrocannabioil. It is a driving factor for all the intoxicating effects that cannabis has.

Hence, the higher the THC, the greater the psychoactive effects. Or we can say, the ‘higher’ you get.

Well, either way, you get the point.

So, there are not many strains that contain more than 20% THC.

But when it comes to Platinum OG, you get about 27% THC, which is way more than usual.

Therefore, Platinum OG is one of the best strains to use to make Rick Simpson Oil.

2. White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies are a cross between Tahoe OG and Girl Scout Cookies with 27% THC content.

Yes, you read that right. White Tahoe Cookies are among those strains that contain 27% Tetrahydrocannabinol and go shoulder-to-shoulder with Platinum OG.

So basically, it means that you will be ensuring more significant psychoactive effects by using White Tahoe Cookies to make Rick Simpson Oil.

3. Motor Breath

Besides being an award-winning strain, Motor Breath may also contain THC levels higher than the Platinum OG and White Tahoe Cookies.

And it is due to higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol; the consumer’s body hits a deep point of relaxation and takes away all the pain.

But, it is essential to consult an expert before you consider mixing such potent strains and before you consume Rick Simpson Oil.

That’s also because people who vape RSO mix brain-damaging, toxic substances with RSO. So, it is better to get educated on this subject before you start consuming such stuff.

4. Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is one of the most well-marketed strains, possibly of all time. And the credit goes to multiple parties, including the Rabbi who endorsed the strain.

In addition to that, the strain has won many medical awards and is recognized as an effective treatment against insomnia, inflammation, pain, etc.

Plus, its THC content varies anywhere from 25% – 29%, which even beats the indica out of all of the strains mentioned above.

5. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is one of the safe options for newbies in the cannabis consumption business.

That’s because Blue Cheese does not contain higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

The THC content in Blue Cheese ranges from 20% to 25% but not more than that.

6. LA Confidential

LA confidential is a medicinal strain that can calm down both the body and the mind.

The THC content percentage starts from 19% and goes all the way up to 25% at max.

It’s similar to the Blue Cheese strain, and both are a safe option for new consumers.

7. Northern Lights

NL THC levels are further below the LA confidential strain.

Its THC content levels measure around 16-21%, making it the most manageable strain to deal with.

Also, that is why you can easily find it in the market.

But, it is effective at the same time. It’s globally recognized as among the most potent medicinal cannabis strain.

8. Grape Ape

More than anything, one of the most amazing facts about Grape Ape is that it can even fall below the 16% mark.

It means that THC levels in Grape Ape can also reach as low as 15%.

With its ability to fight off depression, stress, and lack of appetite, Grape Ape is one of the go-to strains for people who suffer from mood disorders.


Rick Simpson, the man behind the Rick Simpson Oil, suggests that you should ideally use strains that carry THC levels higher than 20%.

That way, it will be easier for people to supplement the number of medicinal benefits they are receiving by consuming RSO.

Plus, you can feel free to add any strain while making RSO because you are not limited to just using 8 of the strains, as mentioned earlier.

So, whenever you use any other strain, make sure that its medical harm does not outweigh its medical benefits.





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