how to make rick simpson oil

How to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, named after the man who made it popular because of its undeniable magical benefits, is a cannabis concentrate used for various medical benefits, including relieving cancer symptoms, migraines and acts as a pain killer. It is also known as a magical cure. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and can be applied as a topical or consumed in food or drinks. 

How to make Rick Simpson Oil Rick’s way:

How Rick Simpson Oil was made has one of the most captivating and amazing stories in the history of cannabis. Making Rick Simpson oil is quite easy however, it requires a large amount of cannabis and a great deal of care. Our team is available to you to support you through thick and thin and to provide you with the most appropriate information of Rick Simpson Oil for your speedy recovery.


The ingredients required to prepare RSO are:

  • 1 lb. Cannabis Indica species (preferably over 20% THC minimum)
  • 5 gallons of Solvent (naphtha or 99% isopropyl alcohol)
  • Water


  • Two 5-gallon buckets it can be steel or plastic. Whatever fits your need.
  • 3 – 4 ft. length of wood for compressing and stirring flower material.
  • Small containers to strain out the solvent.
  • An electric rice cooker to evaporate the solvent.
  • A large or pedestal fan to keep fresh air moving.
  • A measuring cup preferably stainless steel.
  • Funnel and coffee filters.
  • Hot Plate, a dehydrator to remove any residual water and decarboxylate the oil for its finest effectiveness (This is a critical step in determining the ultimate potency of the oil)
  • Plastic syringes (without needles) to draw, contain and measure the oil.

The process:

  • Put your dry cannabis material into the bucket and discharge the solvent over it until it is covered. While pouring, stir and crush the cannabis until it is fully compressed. Stir for about 3 minutes along with allowing for the THC to fully dissolve into the solvent. This process will help you dissolve up to 80% of the existing THC into the solvent.
  • Drain the solvent from the blended mixture into your bowl with the help of a cheesecloth.
  • Put the mixture back in the bucket and add more solvent. Then, Mix for another 3 minutes. Drain again into the same bowl and abandon the remaining mixture.
  • Now transfer your solvent to your rice cooker to evaporate the solvent and until it is three-quarters full and turn your rice cooker on. (Remember to take care of the heat and don’t let your solvent mixture heat above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or else, it will become impracticable.)
  • The rice cooker should maintain a stable heat, allowing for decarboxylation. Keep the temperature between 210- and 230-degrees Fahrenheit to decarb the weed correctly.
  • As the rice cooker heats and the solvent evaporates, keep on adding more mixture.
  • Once you see that the solvent has fully evaporated, place the oil into a plastic syringe without needles for easy use. RSO is thick, so if it is hard for you to squeeze it out, place the syringe under very hot water to make the mixture thin and easier to distribute.



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