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How Much Does Rick Simpson Oil Cost?

Cannabis-based products have proven their effectiveness widely. Be it any chronic disease or dreadful cancer, cannabis oil has helped many people fight through it. God Bless the man Rick Simpson who discovered this cure and proved the usefulness of the Cannabis plant. It has no doubt been a breakthrough discovery.

The journey of the formation of this miraculous oil started back in 2003 when Rick observed some unusual bumps on his hands and was diagnosed with skin cancer. He did a lot of research and came across a study by the National Cancer Institute regarding the killing of cancer cells in mice using THC. This triggered Rick and he experimented with the method on his skin. Fortunately, the results turned out positive and his cancer was cured with time. 

After one successful attempt, he decided to extemporize the formula and help other people cure their deadly diseases. He mass-produced RSO and distributed it to hundreds of people. His formula became recognized and is now available on different online stores such as Where to Buy Rick Simpson Oil.

How to validate authenticity?

It is hard to pick an authentic vendor when there are many in the market. Numerous vendors are selling the same substance with huge price differences. While making a purchase, the product must be validated for authenticity. Here are some quick and easy steps to test the genuineness of the product:

  • Extraction Parts: 

Pure cannabis oil is extracted from Cannabis plants. Different parts of the plant are used for different purposes. The purest form of RSO has female cannabis plant bud’s extract. 

  • Extraction Method: 

Another major difference that variates from vendor to vendor is the extraction of the cannabis oil method. A potency of 90-95% can be maintained in the final product if it is done the right way. The RSO extraction method ensures the preservation of chlorophyll, plant fats, and waxes. If the potency of the product lies somewhere near 40%, then that is a low-quality RSO oil and would not be effective enough. Potency tests are done in laboratories to validate the authenticity of the vendors. 

  • Extraction Solvent: 

Alcohol is an organic extraction solvent that must be used during the extraction process. Any other organic solvent can be used but inorganic solvents would make the product less efficient and might fail to yield the desired results within expected days. 

After verifying all the above three points, you get a clear image in your head regarding the right vendor with a reasonable price point.

Cost, Worth of RSO:

Rick Simpson Oil is sold in gram units by majority vendors. However, per gram unit price differs throughout the market. A standard price range (per gram) is set for cannabis oil i.e. $80-$130. Just like any other product, bulk quantities are available on discounted prices. 

RSO supplied by Where to Buy Rick Simpson Oil contains THC content higher than 70% and contains the extract of female flowers or buds. The per gram product costs as low as $60 and for a full-size cancer treatment pack with 60 grams of product retails for $1600. The product sold here is 100% authentic and guarantees mind-blowing results.



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